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    JAW CRUSHER :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

The ‘CBC’ laboratory crusher is designed to speed up the crushing of aggregates, lime stone, iron ores, minerals, coal, coke, chemicals and other. Similar materials. It is compact and of rugged construction for general laboratory or small pilot plant operation.

Two jaws of manganese steel are provided in the jaw crusher. The movable jaw produces two bowls  for every revolution, thus reducing over sizing to a minimum. A combination of forward and downward strokes with a rocking action exerts pressure on the coarser materials, yet permits the finished materials to pass through the jaws. A hopper is provided at the top for feeding materials. The smooth jaws ensure a uniform products and easy cleaning is possible.


Jaw opening           : 200 mm X 300 mm  &  100 mm  x  150 mm

Feed size                 : 75 mm - 100 mm  &  40 mm – 50 mm

Product size            : 15 - 30 mm ( Adjustable) & 12.5 mm (6 – 18 mm Adjustable)

Production             : 1 ton/hour approx. Depend upon the kind of materials & product size.

Power supply            : 440 volts, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, AC.Complete machine with 7.5 & 3 HP Motor, Starter, ‘V’ belt pulley drive  and mounting, base plate, anchor bolts discharge chute, dust proof cover, starter, over load protection device, cable and all electrical items


LUBRICATION :Use ESSO or Castrol anti friction grease or oil in this crusher machine for Roller Bearing Protection.



1. We reserve the right to make any alterations, or modifications, which we consider an improvement.
2. Do not use these dimensions for actual installation work

    ROLL CRUSHER :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

For crushing different ore samples and minerals.

Diameter of rolls 250 mm. and  length of rolls 100mm. made of chilled  steel. Roller speed about 60 – 80 RPM and rotate in opposite direction. The rolls to be carried on steel shaft fitted with heavy duty  gun metal bush, The housing of the bearing to be a mild steel. The supporting frame to be rolled steel plate. Reduction in speed is through reduction gear box coupled with electric motor.  The power to be  transmitted to the rolls through gears ( set of gear). The extreme bearing to be  provided with heavy duty  compressor spring which  helps in increasing the spacing between the rolls when materials cannot be crushed. A fine series square threaded high tension bolts to ensure built in safety and to adjust the gap between the two rolls.


The machine is to be provided with hopper of suitable size fabricated from of mild steel sheet.Both the roll crusher and electric motor should be mounted on steel fabricated so that the whole unit is compact one.   product

Feed size               : ± 10 mm.
Product out size     : ± 2 mm.
Motor                        : 3 HP,
Power supply            : 440 volts, 3 Ph, Ac. 50 Hz.
Complete machine with starter, ‘V’ belt pulley, safety guard.

    PULVARIZER :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
    The ‘CBC’ Laboratory Pulveriser is a disc grinder, designed grind virtually and material to project a fine mesh sample in one operation. The pulveriser  is useful for assaying, Mining and for metallurgical quarrying, aggregate processing, chemical, geological and industrial laboratories. It is self  contained grinder with a rotary disc, having a planetary movement in a vertical plane.  

This feature gives added life to the moving parts and produces a part and produces a sample of  uniform fineness. Grinding is done between two discs one stationary and the other revolving centrically at high speed. The grinding disc have teeth to the center and smooth at the materials move under the effect of  centrifugal force forms center to the periphery between the discs. The discs are made from heat treated manganese steel. With the help of a convenient hand wheel, the size of  the final product can be adjusted. supplied complete "V" belt pulley drive and mounting.


Specification :

Disc Diameter                    : 200 mm.
Feed Size                          : 10 mm.                                  
Size of finished products      : 100 to 200 mesh
Motor                               : 3 HP, Crompton
Power Supply                     : 440 volts, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, AC.


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